Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Hotels
We stayed in two hotels the Palace and Lakonia Hotels. Both were nice and were comfortable. In our opinion the palace hotel had the best food and won us over as the best hotel from the two, one of the reasons we thought this is because the rooms had more space and the beds were comfortable. The design of  the palace hotel was only for either two people per room or four people per room. Although the rooms are bigger and the beds are better than the other hotel, the blanket was very thin and we almost froze to death at night if we didn’t close the window. The hotel also included a pool, and it was a very pretty place, though this pool was too cold and was unswimmable it felt like an ice bath. We were the only ones to test out the pool, but Alessandro and Ianis jumped in and came out immediately. After a long day of exploring Greece, coming back to the hotels dinner was very nice, and there was a wide selection of different food. Another thing that was great about this hotel was the ability of room serves. One night I ordered food with my roommates Alessandro and Ianis, and we watched a movie with my projector.
The hotel we stayed in Sparta was the Lakonia Hotel. One thing we loved about this hotel was its location. It was conveniently located in the heart of the town. After dinner in sparta, walking around in the city was fun, Alessandro wanted a Spartan helmet so bad, so we wandered around with him around the shopping area, but he didn’t find it. There were many things to eat and do, such as eating ice cream at the many ice cream shops and coffee shops. Although the placement of the hotel was nice the rooms were just too small. Another thing was that the rooms were not all the same size, Jay and I had the smallest room and the worst bathroom. We could barely open the room door when the luggage was wide opened. The bathroom was also very small, and I could barely sit on the toilet because the space was too small for my legs to stay in the usual position. The absolute best thing from the spartan hotel was its comfortable beads in our opinion they had the softest sheets and the most dreamy mattress. As a whole, both hotels were very nice, and we enjoyed staying there.

By: Sergio and Jay



  1. I'm of the same opinion. Even if I honestly didn't like as much the town of Sparta. In general I liked more the palace hotel, and I didn't have cold during the night cause I took a blanket from the caboard. Anyway the article is very nice and full of details.

  2. I like the fact that you have added a video of the Palace Hotel. It's a good way to remember it.
    One thing you didn't mention is the breakfasts at each hotel. Which hotel made the best breakfast in your opinion?

  3. I really liked how you told stories about the experiences we had as roomamtes. I also think the room service in Palace Hotel was amazing and the food tasted great. Also I agree with the beds in Lakonia Hotel which were amazing.


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