Wednesday, March 8, 2017


While visiting Greece I saw many amazing and beautiful things. The history of Greece is incredible! When we traveled city to city and visited different temples and museums we also encounter a few furry friends. In Greece there are cats and dogs almost everywhere!

 In Corinth when we were preparing to get on the bus we encountered a litter of puppies. almost everybody fell in love with these little bundles of joy. Not only did we get to handle the puppies but there were a few kind kittens that would meow loudly to get our attention.

Sometimes if you were gentle enough the cats would let you pick them up.

All the animals we encountered in Greece were pretty friendly ad not very shy toward humans. Cats would walk right up to you and nudge your leg or dogs would come close enough for you to pet them. Some areas in Greece It is almost like a town effort to try to take care of the cats and dogs although they might not have a real true owner.

This dog my have been the favorite for a few. She got the most attention from our group then most of the animals. She was so gentle and kind. A couple of boys even bought her bacon. We tried naming her but never really agreed upon a name.

In Mystras there was this donkey. It was kind of random and we didn't expect it, but on a hill there was a donkey tied to a tree. He might have belonged to the nuns that worked in the church but I am not 100% sure.
I loved the adventure I had traveling in Greece and I don't think it will be one I'll ever forget. Meeting these odd furry creatures made it even more interesting.


  1. I enjoid seeing all these animals too. It could seem horrible that many animals live in the street, but at least many people help them by giving them food and sometimes even hosting them (as in Corinth). I loved most of all the kittens...

  2. I love animals!!!! you took so many good pictures and I agree with all of you, I was sad at first to see all those animals around the streets but I was relief knowing that people actually helped them

  3. Wow! That was probably such a wonderful and pleasant experience you guys had! All of the animals seem so friendly and very well groomed, I would never think they would be brave enough to let you pet them. A lot of interesting things you have mentioned! Very well written,organised and fun article to read.


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