Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Greek Food        By Megan and Zoe

Food is an important element for us to experience different cultures between countries. This time, by trying Greek food, we can understand how different can our cultures be. Some of the food taste really good but some of them are bit weird. The following food is the top famous food of Greece⬇ that were served for us in the trip.
(Pictures were taken by us during the trip)

(1) Moussaka
The food in this picture which looks like the pasta is called“Moussaka”. It’s made of cheese, tomato sauce, and pork. When you cut the food, you’ll see there are many layers inside. Hot and thick cheese mixing with the ketchup create a wonderful flavor for your tongue. When the sauce goes into the meat, it gives you a feeling of heaven.

(2)Fava Beans
The food in this picture is called “Fava Beans”. This is made by roast beans with some vegetables. We didn’t actually try this one but we heard some comments for others. They said the taste of beans is really weird. Most of people do not like it.

Souvlaki is the Greek way to say roast meat. From the following picture, you can see this is roast pork with well cooked potatoes. The shiny and soft potatoes with roast pork which is tender and well cooked make a perfect match.
This picture is also a course of roast meat,         
It’s a whole piece of pork with some fries. In
In contrast to the first picture, this one looks much simpler. The fries looks delicious but the meat Is not as tender as we expected.    

The first one is call Semolina Greek Cake,
it is a very famous dessert in Greece.
It tastes like honey cake,
and everyone gave it a very high evaluation.


The second one is regular yogurt,
Greek people are very into yogurt with honey.
They eat this almost every day.

The third one is ice cream,
which tastes similar to gelato in Italy.
Also, this is our favorite one in all of them.

This is dinner during our free time, we went to a restaurant call Everest. The burger here is really good.( Much better than McDonalds, lol)


  1. After reading Zoe and Megan's blog, I am missing the food in Greece. The Souvlaki is so delicious. I still remember that me and David took two plate of it. I'm missing the french friessssss

  2. I loved the Greek yoghurt and honey. I had it every day for my breakfast. All those pictures.....I'm feeling hungry now!

  3. So many delectable pictures you guys took! One more reason to be sad I was not there though... The dishes are explained very well and I would certainly love to try those. The yogurt does look so delicious !

  4. This is great! Personally I wasn't a fan of Fava beans or the honey and bitter yogurt but I loved the souvlaki.

  5. I completely agree with the opinions of how the food was, I really liked the pictures in fact I think the pictures look beater than the food in person. Great job!


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