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Cape Sounion
What an Adventure!

Cape Sounion is a wonderful temple situated in front of the island "Negro Ponte" which means black bridge. People that lived in Negro Ponte called it like this because it was very difficult to cross the sea. This temple surrounded by the glimmer of the sea is an antique temple dedicated to Poseidon, the God of the Sea in capital Greek mythology. We learned from Wikipedia.org that it is 69km from Athens."The temple is made of marble and it is similar to the temple in the Agora, in Athens, which is the square of the city where the citizens met.

When we were told about Cape Sounion we were excited to visit it but when we really were there it was an amazing emotion to see the beauty of the place, the sea, and the remains of an incredible temple.  The temple was so incredible because it was humongous. We wanted to explore and to learn about it, so we listened while the guide was talking and when she finished we walked around looking at the view and the temple. A famous romantic poet wrote his name "Byron" in the columns of the temple, he even wrote a poem about it in his collection of "the Isles of Greece”, the guide told us that but then we searched for more information on Wikipedia.org.

Cape Sounion is a place that has been mentioned in greek myths and litherature.
Infact, the myth says that Aegeus, King of Athens ended his life by leaping off the Sounion cliffs and that is why the sea is called Aegean Sea, we got this information from Wikipedia.org.
 Cape Sounion was also mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer: Menelaus, King of Sparta, died at his post while coming round Holy Cape Sounion.

Personally we think that this is a memorable experience that will remain in our hearts and our minds forever.  We loved the brightness of the marble and the incredible view, everything was perfect! The wind was blowing and a fresh breeze was everywhere; it refreshed us from the bus ride.


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  2. I found this article very catching. I enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. I thought that the part about the myth of Aegeus is very interesting and it explains why the sea is called like that. I was also interested in reading that Cape Sounion was also mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer since we are reading the Odyssey in English class.

  3. I thought this article was great because it is nicely written and also because I really loved this place when we were there. I think this is nice that a place that was mentioned in greek myths and literature actually exists and we can go visit it. It is an interesting fact that King of Athens ended his life by leaping off the Sounion cliffs and that is why the sea is called Aegean Sea. This is really a beautiful place and a great article.

  4. I found this article very interesting. When I read through this article, it reminds me of the beauty of Cape Sounion! Also, it is a memorable place with the girls who bought the flower crowns with me. We were wearing the flower crown and taking pictures here with Aegean Sea. Overall, this is a nice written article.

  5. The article is very well written, good job!! I like that day so much and the views were amazing!! It's good that you guys also put informations but also a personal opinion about it, best trip ever!!!

  6. Very well written, you talked about all the important things, and in my experience it was great seeing such a beautiful sight.

    1. You also included very good photos and a lot of interesting personal opinions

  7. This is really interesting! There is a lot of great and detailed information. And really captured the true beauty and experience I had visiting Cape sounion


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